As a music fan, meeting one of your heroes can be a pretty overwhelming experience. One Guns N' Roses superfan named Lucie Johnson hit the jackpot a couple of days ago when she met Axl Rose on a street in California, and she has a couple of photos of the encounter to prove it.

For those of you who don't know, Rose supposedly still resides in the Malibu home that was featured in the video for GN'R's epic ballad "Estranged," which is perched up on a hill in Latigo Canyon. Johnson didn't confirm the exact area she was in when she spotted him on the road, but her Instagram caption referred to "the SoCal life," and based on the footage, she was in a hilly area with winding roads, so most likely around where he lives.

Rose must've just been taking a leisurely walk when he was approached by the girl. Based on the photographs, he gave her a hug and signed her Appetite for Destruction vinyl, all with a smile on his face.

"Can't believe what happened tonight! Cross this off the bucket list. So... I met Axl Rose of one of my favorite bands Guns N' Roses tonight!" Johnson wrote in the Instagram post. "We spoke briefly about music, and he gave me a hug and it all just happened so fast. Still can't believe it. Signed my album cover. Was freakin' awesome. I'm obsessed with them and have been working on the guitar solos and have been playing their album 24/7."

We can only hope that given she conveniently had a copy of Appetite handy when she saw the rocker, that she wasn't actually trying to track him down... but to each his own, and at least he appeared to be friendly about the situation. She said she picked the album up at the Amoeba Music store in Hollywood.

See the post below.

As for the rest of us, we can at least see the frontman onstage this year. Guns' next scheduled performance will be a headlining slot at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona, Fla. Then, they'll head over to Europe for a run throughout June and July. See all of the dates on their website.

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Mr. Nice Guy.

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