Happy National Single Parent’s Day! Whether you are a deserted spouse/parent, a spouse/parent who is not receiving child support, a widow or widower, an unwed mother or a non-custodial parent; today is the day to acknowledge, support and appreciate single parents in all forms. Make sure to use #NationalSingleParentDay when you post on social media.

Single parents are thrust into their situations for various reasons. For instance. I am a single parent because my kid’s father passed away when she was just 3 months old. It was sudden. It was devastating. It was difficult. And it began my life without him and into single parenthood.

Seventeen years later, he is still the absolute love of my life & the greatest man that I have ever known. I thank GOD every single day for the opportunity to have experienced his love & I am glad that I can now pour my never-ending love for him into our beautiful baby girl.

According to President Ronald Reagan’s Proclamation 5166 — National Single Parent Day, 1984

Before they are eighteen, about half of our Nation’s children will have lived part of their lives with a single parent who strives to fill the role of both mother and father.

This statement is my truth. It is truth for millions of single parents all over this country and even more so, all over the world.

To all you single parents may you hold our heads high and continue to raise and teach your wonderful children to stay strong, brilliant, empowered and unbothered because at the end of the day….mama (or daddy) gonna hold you down no matter what! Happy Single Parent’s Day.

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