The summer solstice is upon us! As the longest day of the year hits and the temperature rises, the season for road trips, barbecues, and outdoor shows is here. What enhances long car rides and boozy outdoor parties? A killer playlist, of course!

This isn’t just any summer playlist, but rather one that caters to the dudes in camo cargo shorts and black T-shirts with cut off sleeves, the girls who carry around setting spray so that their makeup doesn’t melt off, and the ghouls who are excited that the start of summer signifies only 131 days until Halloween. In other words, this is for us.

So, the next time you’re searching for some hot summer tunes to impress (or scare, depending what you’re into) your friends, take a cue from our face-melting playlist, which has a little something for every metalhead, rocker, and goth.

  • "Ice Cream Man"

    by Van Halen

    Of course, David Lee Roth would turn something as sweet as ice cream into something vaguely R-rated. With lines like “All my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy,” the underlying metaphor is quite obvious. Despite the NSFW undertones, it’s still hard not to think of refreshing frozen treats on a hot day when you hear this one.

  • "Bodom Beach Terror"

    by Children of Bodom

    If you like to go the beach just to relax under a palm tree with a tropical drink in your hand, you should most definitely stay away from Bodom Beach, unless you want to die a grisly death. Children of Bodom paint a deadly and grim picture on this cut from Hate Crew Deathroll. "Late night you party until it's light / While pointing at the sky / Wash your hands in the lake of your blood / Just before you die." Yikes, remind us not to vacation there.

  • "My Own Summer"

    by Deftones

    Of course, no summer playlist would be complete without an appearance from “My Own Summer.” Not only is this one of the most renowned songs from the Deftones, but it is paired perfectly with a Jaws-esque music video, really capturing the finer points of summertime.

  • "Black Hole Sun"

    by Soundgarden

    Add a little nihilism to your summer endeavors with this iconic hit from Soundgarden. This classic '90s tune is reminiscent of those summer days where the overcast is thick and the prospect of going to the beach is bleak. Also, any excuse to project MISSING REST

  • "Dirty Black Summer"

    by Danzig

    If this song doesn’t conjure up images of Glenn Danzig’s infamous cameo in Portlandia, I don’t know what will. Much like Type O Negative, this tune is perfect for those who spend their summer counting down the days until Halloween.

  • "Black Sunshine"

    by White Zombie Feat. Iggy Pop

    What happens when legend meets legend? Well, “Black Sunshine” is born, an iconic jam about racing a Ford Mustang. Written and performed by White Zombie, iconic punk rocker Iggy Pop makes an appearance as the voice of the spoken word intro. The song delivers a dingy, 1970’s vibe and makes the perfect summer road trip tune. Just be mindful of the speed limit when rocking out to this one because this one is sure to provoke you into hitting the gas harder!

  • "Summer Breeze"

    by Type O Negative

    Leave it to Pete Steele to add his morbid touch to such a cheerful, sunny classic, giving it a darker edge. This is perfect for the summer goths out there who pack SPF 900 to the beach or for anyone who wants to bring a little doom with them.

  • "In the Summertime!"

    by Slash, Derek Sherinian + Billy Idol

    You can never go wrong with combining the guitar prowess of Slash, the edge of Billy Idol, and the piano skills of Derek Sherinian. The iconic trio transform this 1970 summertime classic into a modern summer rock anthem, complete with fiery lead breaks and gruff vocals.

  • "Summertime Sadness"

    by Within Temptation (Lana Del Ray cover)

    The original Lana Del Rey version of this song already teeters on the line of pop and contemporary gothic. It’s somber, brooding, and, well, sad. Within Temptation add their own rock ‘n’ roll touch to this cover of the iconic pop song, while still keeping it fairly true to form.

  • "Don't Forget the Sun"

    by Wailin Storms

    Wailin Storms really capture that post punk doom sound that Glenn Danzig made his own when he broke away from the Misfits to go solo. Track one from their debut album, One Foot in the Flesh Grave, opens with a haunting build up that’s akin to Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath,” eventually bursting into a twangy cacophony of doom. It’s hard to forget the sun when it’s beating down on you at 90+ degrees, so maybe let this one serve as a reminder not to forget the sunscreen.

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