Margot Robbie is returning for Warner Bros.’ Harley Quinn spinoff, but this time she’ll be in front of and behind the camera.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie has signed a first-look deal to star and executive produce two films with the studio. One of those is an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s Queen of the Air about a real-life trapeze artist, and the other is her Suicide Squad spinoff. The Harley Quinn solo movie was rumored back in May, but THR is reporting that Robbie will now reprise her character and executive produce the film through her company LuckyChap Entertainment.

But the spinoff won’t just be another outing with the female supervilliain. Earlier this year it was rumored the project may also include “several of DC’s female heroes and villains“ such as Batgirl (!) and Birds of Prey. What makes that even more exciting is the potential for those female superheroes and villains getting their own solo movies in the future. Could Warner Bros. redeem their already failing DC Cinematic Universe with a focus on putting the women from the comics front and center?

The studio has Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman on the way, and with Robbie onboard starring and co-producing a Quinn solo project full of feminine energy, there’s something to certainly be excited for in the studio’s DC future. Sorry dudes, but it’s time for the ladies of the DC universe to start showing off their skills.

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