NASCAR's roots are in the American South. Before its expansion over the past two decades, the racing circuit was thought of as a regional sport, one with a great deal in common with country music. In 1985, some of the biggest names in NASCAR recorded and released an album called "Stock Car Racing's Entertainers of the Year." The late Dale Earnhardt Sr., Ricky Rudd, Bill Elliott, Dale Jarrett and Rusty Wallace were among the drivers who traded the steering wheel for a microphone to record tracks for the 22-song recording.

Here's Dale Earnhardt Sr. singing "Hard Charger":


Here's Dale Jarrett crooning of "Race Track Fever":


And, here's "The Winner" from Cale Yarborough (who still has the most NASCAR name of all time):

Fans can hear the rest of the recordings on YouTube or find the out-of-print album or CD for sale at auction online. Maybe NASCAR drivers will consider recording more country music now that they are savvy with social media and online marketing. For what it's worth, we might rather see Brad Paisley rub fenders with Luke Bryan in a race than hear Jimmie Johnson sing with Kyle Busch on a stage.

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