Remember the brash, in-your-face beginnings of Limp Bizkit and how the band sounded as they went on to dominate the airwaves as the 21st century arrived? The group is back working on new music, with Wes Borland recently sampling some of his work in Instagram postings. By listening to the tracks, there's definitely some musical evolution happening, though until pieced together with the other instruments, it remains to be seen what the final songs will ultimately sound like.

"Today was a very long and great day. We're on track," says a smiling Borland in his latest photo posting from the studio. An additional photo post as well as two brief music samples, one with Borland nimbly hitting scales along the fretboard and a second that sounds more hypnotically atmospheric, can be seen and heard below.

While Borland is the band's guitarist, some of the fans noticed that he was holding a bass in one of the photos. Limp Bizkit bassist Sam Rivers has a new band named Sleepkillers that he's been working with of late, so some fans have connected the dots that Borland might be playing bass on the new music, at least for this session. The band's latest sessions started back in mid-November, according to Borland.

Limp Bizkit's last studio album was 2011's Gold Cobra. While the band has oft-mentioned the title Stampede of the Disco Elephants for their next release and spoke of its ambitious nature, it is not known if this new music is an extension of that or the start of another musical work.

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