Hellyeah's members have spoken individually about the death of Vinnie Paul in assorted statements and interviews, but the group as a whole have one more Vinnie Paul tribute to share and the words come from Paul himself.

In a newly posted video to the band's social media, Paul opens with his own statement: "I just want to personally thank everyone out there who has personally supported me through every band I've ever been in and everything I've ever done. It's been amazing to be able to have a career that's lasted this long. To me, it's amazing to have another career after what happened to my brother and him being taken away from us. So I just want to give you guys the big love right back at you and thank you for all your support."

The piece from a previously taped interview is then followed by a musical tribute as "Thank You" from the band's self-titled 2007 debut album plays, soundtracking the visuals of Paul both on and offstage often embracing band and crew members and mingling with fans. Watch the video in full above.

Paul died at the age of 54 on June 22. The coroner has yet to announce an official cause of death. Hellyeah were said to have made significant progress toward their next album at the time of Paul's death and it's expected that the project will be finished as a way to pay homage to the legendary drummer.

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