In May, the American Heart Association is raising awareness of the dangers of strokes. Over 15% of Ischemic strokes suffered in the U.S. are suffered by teens or young adults. Those numbers include my nephew Jake, who suffered a stroke in January. Jake is just 17 years old.

According to the American Heart Association, someone in the United States suffers a stroke every 40 seconds. A stroke can happen to anyone, at anytime. Over the past decade, the numbers of young Americans, those age 25 or younger, hospitalized with stroke symptoms have increased by 44%.

The American Heart Association declared May Stroke Awareness Month, but we here at the stations of Townsquare Media would like to make every day of every month, day we we raise stroke awareness and reduction months. That we are helping to raise donations by challenging you to reduce your strokes. Through the months of May and June, we are challenging all of our listeners who play golf by helping the American Heart Association reduce strokes, by cutting your stokes.

Irvine Whitlock Jersey Seniors Classic - Day 1
Photo by Phil Inglis/Getty Images

Every time you play a round of golf in May or June, compare your score to your standard or handicap score, your "average" so to say. If you have a great day, and your round is under your "average" score, we challenge you to donate $5 for every stroke you are under your "personal par". And if you have a bad day, well, you can still help out the American Heart Association by donation $1 for every stroke over par that round. And challenge the rest of your foursome to do the same. One more birdie can prevent a stroke; one sand safe can save a life!

It's just that simple, and you can help the American Heart Association reduce strokes in the U.S., by cutting a stroke or two in your golf game.

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