I have to tell you, I love a clean car. And I love Shine Car Washes!  I'm so lucky to have the unlimited car wash pass, so even with all the rain that we've had lately, I can still have a clean car!

They offer 4 different levels of car washes, and are conveniently located at 52nd Cache Road, but what they don't tell you its that for about 2 minutes, you can completely relax and just enjoy your music, or complete silence. (sometimes even I turn the radio down!)

I can just breathe and watch the pretty colors and I can forget the unchecked items on my list for the day, even if just for awhile.  I call it my AHHH time.  Clean cars are a given at Shine Car Washes, but you can give your mind a cleansing too! Here's your virtual mind break!

Right now you can text the word 'Shine' to 353-1013 or 357-9494 for your chance to win 5 - $18 gift cards.  We'll draw the winners on each station at the end of the month.  Good Luck!

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