Headed to Comic-Con International this month? Be sure to keep your eyes open: Entertainment Weekly reports that copies of this new Doctor Strange poster will be distributed at the convention, which runs from July 21–24. This may not be the announcement of a Doctor Strange panel that a lot of fans have been hoping for, but as far as consolation prizes go, it’s pretty darn acceptable.

Doctor Strange Comic-Con Poster

Even though it feels like the Doctor Strange marketing push has yet to really take off, we’ve still been treated to a fantastic teaser trailer and perhaps the best batch of set photos I have ever seen (I never get tired of looking at each actor’s take on a “flying face”). I’ll also be the first to admit I was a little skeptical of how Benedict Cumberbatch would look in the role, but each new set of photos and concept art really underlines how right Marvel was to bring him on board. If Ant-Man was the Marvel movie that showed they could do humor on a smaller scale, then hopefully Doctor Strange will open the door for the fantastical as well.

The one thing that this poster hints at — that we’ve yet to really see from any of the Doctor Strange material — is the look and feel that Marvel and director Scott Derrickson have put together for Strange’s magical powers. One of the reasons that I didn’t mind Warcraft as much as everyone else was how creative it was in showing sorcerers in action; the magicka in that film manifests itself as visible shapes around the characters, and the brightness of the colors stands in contrast to the kind of grim sorcery we’ve come to expect in Hollywood fantasy films. This poster hints that magic in Doctor Strange will have a similar shape and depth. I can’t wait to see it in action.

Doctor Strange will materialize in theaters on November 4, 2016.

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