If you made it out to do a little fishing during the free-fishing weekend, you experience one of two things... Either you cast your baits into the water on an almost oppressively hot Saturday afternoon, or you got to enjoy a relatively cool breezy Sunday on the water.


Even though some anglers swear cold fronts make for bad fishing, we decided to opt for Sundays cooler weather. While we certainly didn't set the stringer on fire, we did catch fish and enjoyed a great day in our stunningly beautiful mountains. Besides, if you have the right bait, fish will always bite. You just need the right color for the water conditions, and remember this... The hotter the temp, the clearer the water, the deeper they go.



Seriously, if you never venture off the typical path between Medicine Park and the Visitor Center, take a detour next time. Instead of turning back South to Cache, turn North and go see something new. Walk the dam at Quannah Parker Lake, find 40-Foot Hole at Lost Lake, or take the family out for a picnic at Sunset Trail. I know most people think the refuge is Mount Scott and the Parallel Forrest, but you'll have to trust me... You can't see the mountains beauty when you're driving around in them. Get out and take in the real views.


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