So you lead an ordinary life. You have a spouse, y'all share a home, have a kid or two... Life's just not what it used to be, but you're responsible enough to know you can't go down that path again. What's the answer? Heroin AM. The lighter dragon option.

Shockingly, heroin addiction is on the rise in America. It's not longer the bane of rock stars and junkies, it's mainstream. As a person progresses through their addictions, it's only natural to hit near rock bottom moving up the chain to a drug like heroin. It's cheap, easy to find, and apparently it's one crazy instant high. Like crack rock in the 80's, it's widespread. That's why government is subsidizing drugs like Narcan, and are provided at no cost across the nation. Just in case you go a little too far.

It's sad, and SNL perfectly nails the parody.

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