If there’s one thing all stoners can agree on (if they can remember) – it’s that High Times magazine is the nation’s premiere pot publication. Since budding way back in 1974 the magazine has served its readers well – informing and entertaining both the casual toker and marijuana maniac alike on all matters cannabis related.

In hopes of attracting new readers while keeping their hardcore fans happy, the magazine has redesigned its cover.

Starting in January 2012, the High Times cover will feature a new red boxed logo as its header and the magazine will get away from its usual tabloid look and feel.  The redesign adds a sort of relaxed credibility to the mag and it can be easily mistaken on newsstands for Newsweek or Time especially by those people in a hurry or possibly totally baked.

The new look may startle the usual readers, but it’s always fun to mess with a stoner.

[High Times via Celebstoner]