Hitting, well, anything with your vehicle is something we all sort of dread. Not only because it's harmful and very costly, but nobody aims to harm animals. Unfortunately, it happens. These guys, a pro-driver and his navigator, were racing in the Parker 425... an off-road trophy truck race in Parker, AZ... when they literally bought the farm. At 110+ miles per hour, there's little you can do to avoid disaster.

Of course, as this is posted on the internet, there are a million different opinions on how these racers should have handled the situation in a split second decision... Everything from turning off course (which would risk a similar crash if the cows had made it through the driving lane) to just laying on that throttle to power through... which sometimes works in Tom Cruise movies about stock car racing. Regardless, it's brutal.

By the way, the video is 360... Feel free to move around and watch it from different angles.

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