If you've ever been through Hobart, Oklahoma, you already know there's not a lot going on there. The General Franks museum is pretty stellar, but overall right on par with small rural Oklahoma towns.

The Kiowa Tribe is seeking to help change all of that. They announced a push and partnership to help evolve Hobart into modernity through digital connectivity. They want to connect Hobart with the world at the speed of light with a little help and guidance from a couple of Texans who have been through this exact process recently.

Pharr, Texas was once rated as the worst-connected city in the Lone Star State, but after vigorous efforts and tons of pitching in, it's a shining example to all rural communities in the country.

Their accomplishments will be the guide for the eventual goals in Hobart.

My own hometown went through this sort of process in the early 2000s when Google came in and built a city-wide free internet/wifi system for residents. Even though Google has stepped away and turned the service over to the city, it left a humongous impact on the community in a very positive way.

Let's have similar hopes for Hobart.

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