Hollywood Undead have released a new song, that may actually be considered a "song of the summer" contender. LIsten to "Gotta Let Go" in the player above.

“At times when we look at the past, we only see the struggles and the hardships. We too often forget about the good moments because we are blinded by the pain we all go through. This song is about letting go of that pain, so we can see that life can be a beautiful experience,” says Hollywood Undead's Johnny 3 Tears.

While Hollywood Undead have gone deep with songs off their Five album, "Gotta Let Go" is actually independent of that disc. It's currently available to download or stream here.

Speaking of summer, Hollywood Undead will be spending a good portion of it touring through Europe, though there are a few North American dates on their schedule ahead as well. Keep up to date with the band's touring right here.


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