On the most recent season of America’s Got Talent, 10-year-old Harper stunned the world by screaming along to Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller.” Now, in an exclusive interview, Harper tells us how she learned to scream.

When Harper stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, she didn’t expect the judges to give her a positive reaction. Still, she braved the stage and blew their minds, becoming a viral hit in the process.

“It changed my life,” Harper says. “I had to get on there and just go on there no matter what.”

Harper’s appearance on AGT led to her performing “Holy Roller” live with Spiritbox. She even got some helpful pointers from Courtney LaPlante on how to work a crowd.

As for other artists who’ve inspired Harper, she points to Drowning Pool, Alpha Wolf and Currents — a diverse group of artists in the metal realm. “I’ve been doing [Courtney’s] singing for ages, but if I see a video of something different, I would still try it. On ‘Bodies’ for example, they go high for a really long time and then they go low at the end. I just think, ‘That’s gonna be hard, but if I try…’”

Harper even released her first original song, “Falling,” which features her own style of screaming mixed with clean singing. Don’t expect her to cup the mic though… she already recognizes it as cheating!

Find out how Harper learned to scream in the video below and check out her song “Falling” here.

How Harper (10-Year-Old Spiritbox Fan) Learned to Scream

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