The LEGO Movie may not have been nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2015 Oscars, but one of the highlights of the show was still the performance of “Everything is Awesome” by The Lonely Island with Tegan & Sara. During the song, dancers from the stage came down into the audience and handed out LEGO Oscar trophies to Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Oprah, who was really excited.


Above, you can see exactly how those LEGO Oscars were created by New York City artist Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya doesn't work for LEGO, but he's an artist who uses LEGO as his art form of choice. His work is currently touring the world as part of The Art of the Brick, the first ever art exhibition focused on LEGO.

Sawaya says he gets all his LEGO pieces the old fashioned way, he buys them just like the rest of us. But, as you can see in the time-lapse above, he's using the dreaded Kraggle (Krazy Glue) to keep his Oscar trophies together. Each LEGO Oscar trophy included about 500 total pieces.

The artist originally created an Oscar trophy for The LEGO Movie director Phil Lord (who tweeted his trophy after the film failed to get an Oscar nomination), and Sawaya says Lord like it so much, they asked for more for the ceremony. He told Crave Online:

The team behind The LEGO Movie approached me, they wanted to do something extra special for the Academy Award performance of best song nominee “Everything is Awesome”. They had seen my earlier version of a Lego Oscar statue, and I was happy to take on the challenge.

There were 20 total LEGO Oscars statues made that proved so popular throughout the night, Sawaya says he's looking into getting more of them made so anyone who wants one, can buy one.

LEGO Oscars trophy
Robyn Beck, Getty Images

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