Let me say first off, I'm not what you would consider a sports fan, so if I've heard the rumors, surely you have too. The rumor goes as such... "I heard (#) of players over at (pick a school) has already contracted the coronavirus in practice." It's even popped up in my social media newsfeeds, and again, I'm not one that follows sports. While I'd love to assume this is just a nasty rumor made up on the spot by some bored Karen looking for a little attention and validation from strangers online, there is a real question about how long the high school football season will last before being put out of its misery this year.

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association - AKA - OSSAA (because Oregon claimed OSAA long before Oklahoma) - has stated that high school sports is good to go this year with a few caveats. Ideally, players would exist in a bubble like the pro's are doing, but that's not going to work for student athletes that have to attend class with other, non-athlete students. Weird regulations about when and where masks will be required, though no requirement of them on the field of play. Rules about not sharing things like towels, uniforms, etc... but it's not clear if this includes those squirt bottles their sports drink is contained in. Not sportsmanlike shaking of hands prior to or after the match, extra large team areas to accommodate social distancing... It really is a hodge-podge of weird rules. Check out the full list here.

Here's the point, I still fully believe that all people will have had this virus at least once by the time science figures out how to beat or contain it. It's especially true in our country because we seem to forget about it. Take into account how you and I both felt invincible in our youths, the sports field might prove to be a perfect petri dish for this virus to spread. Still, while not a sports fan personally, I am excited to see my Hollis Tigers claw their way back into the 1-A classification this year. State champs again? Maybe, and if they make it that far, you can bet I'll be in the stands to see that game.

So here's the question, and I'd appreciate your feedback...

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