Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos made one hell of an entrance after joining the band and was a huge factor in why their song "To the Hellfire" went viral last year. He's quickly asserted himself as one of extreme metal's most exciting and dynamic vocalists and he's the latest guest in a new episode of Loudwire's 'How I Learned to Scream' video series.

Growing up, Ramos' musical taste quickly expanded from classic staples such as AC/DC and Black Sabbath after a friend had introduced him to Escape the Fate and Lamb of God. He discarded his guitar when he began making attempts to scream on his own, blasting his iHome in the show while trying to imitate Randy Blythe. And, yes, his mom heard him one time and asked if he was okay.

"If you have the luxury of being able to scream in the shower without anybody yelling at you for screaming in the shower... that's where you go to learn," Ramos said with a smile.

Although she tolerated it, his mom simply has aspirations of him being a dancer. Slam dancing was probably not what she had in mind, however.

Practicing screaming was something that took time to develop, especially when onstage and on tour, where stamina is and pacing is vital to longevity. "I just remember being winded all the time," said Ramos of his onstage stamina at first. He then began to pay attention to how other vocalists worked the stage and took queues from them, including Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder.

Tuvan throat singing, a cultural vocal practice in which two notes are produced simultaneously, usually with a gravely texture, is also an essential part of Ramos' warmups. "I literally feel like false chord screams are an extension of that sound," he said, and later noted that it has similarities to tunnel screams too.

Oh, the Lorna Shore frontman even offered his thoughts on the divisive mic-cupping technique.

Watch the full episode below.

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How Lorna Shore's Will Ramos Learned to Scream

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