Odds are, if you search "Lawton Oklahoma" over on YouTube, you're bound to be inundated with a mass of lame used car and real estate videos. Honestly, who uses YouTube to show off an empty house? At least, who is listing these videos into searchable content? Do realtors not know that unlisted videos can be posted on their websites and viewed by anyone without mucking up the content for everyone else? I'm already off track here... Searching Lawton on YouTube is a waste of time, that's the point.

Alternatively, if you search the outlying areas in our little rural metro... The surrounding towns, lakes, Wichita Mountains, etc... you get much better results from the area. Quite a bit of sports, a ton of hiking and outdoors stuff, some photography, motorcycle riding, lots of hunting, shooting, driving, etc... It makes me wonder, just how many YouTubers currently call Lawton home? There's even a ton of content made out at Fort Sill, you just have to search for it.

Have you ever heard of a "first amendment audit?" It's where a person will aim to confront police in an attempt to feel persecuted for fake internet points. It seems like a really lame thing to do, but it's sort of interesting to watch. Sometimes if makes you feel bad for cops, other times it makes you want to revolt. There's a professional pest in Lawton that does this sort of thing.

What about influencers? Surely there has to be a hoard of narcissistic basic girls out there sharing their simple-thoughts on stuff right? Maybe my search skills aren't on whatever popular term we use to describe "point" these days, or is YouTube just not the place for them anymore? Instagram maybe? TikTok?

There was a father/son team of wildlife photographers that I used to watch years ago, but over time, as tastes naturally change, I lost their channel to other subscriptions. It was always full of fantastic content. They seem to always be able to find the bald eagles nesting in SWOK each winter.

Remember that dude that caught legal issues for flying a drone in the refuge? You may not. I posted a video a few years ago of a very unique drone video over the wildlife refuge. It was amazing. Color-corrected, high definition, beautiful... it was awesome. And then the national park service contacted us to remove it from our website because it "might encourage others to do the same." We told them no because, you know, down with the man and all that... Wonder what he's up to these days? I wonder if he let the system crush his creativity at that point.

What about that rapper dude that laid lyrics over a remixed Andy Griffith Show theme song? He still around making music?

I don't know if it has fallen out of favor with people but I still enjoy YouTube. Maybe because it came about in my early adult years. Like, YouTube is to me what Danish cookie tin sewing kits are to my mom, or British Invasion music is to my dad... because they lived it in an influential time in their lives.

So do you know any solid Lawton YouTubers? Shoot me an email, I'd like to check out their channels. Might share a little too while I'm at it.



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