We're not talking about the snooze that you do at night, this is another snooze altogether! 

Young woman pressing snooze button on early morning digital alarm clock radio

It's the snooze on your morning wakeup call, mine is music, some are buzzers, some sweet melodic tones, all of them are annoying.  We are of course talking about your morning alarm.

According to a recent survey, 61% of adults who wake up with an alarm said that they use the snooze button on their alarm.  17% of those snoozers say they hit the snooze only once, 15% hit it twice, and 14% hit it three times.  One in 20 hit it four times, 3.8% hit it 5 times, and roughly 3 percent hit it six times or more.  Wow!  That is a little excessive don't you think?

Critter and I were the very first to sound off on this subject.  I usually hit my snooze twice.  Mostly because I have my favorite song, "Feet Don't Touch The Ground" as my alarm.  The first time I snooze it on the intro of the song, but the second time I listen to the entire song, then turn the alarm off when it's over.  I know that's random, but it is my favorite song and my wedding song, so twice it is.  Critter, on the other hand, is a one-and-done kind of guy.  He just snoozes once. I can certainly believe this of Critter.  He's not that kind of person.  Just takes one alarm to get him on his feet in the morning, well, that and a pot of coffee!

What about you?  How many times do you Snooze in the morning?  Let us know by taking this quick survey!

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