Vicky Psarakis never envisioned herself as an extreme vocalist, yet, in 2014, she joined The Agonist as the dual-threat singer who dazzles with heavenly clean singing and terrifies with ferocious guttural roars. In this latest video episode, she takes us through the unlikely path of how she learned to scream.

"I sounded like one of those people that listens to pop music and thinks that it's just noise," said Psarakis when recollecting her early discontent with extreme vocals. Fortunately, that feeling didn't last forever as she was overtaken by the compelling sounds emanating from the throats of several prominent Swedish death metal frontmen.

"My brain at the time couldn't comprehend why someone would want to do this. That quickly went away — I started noticing the melodies in the music. I started feeling that the screaming really complements the heaviness of those bands," she continued, offering a perspective many fans of heavy music can relate to when they were first introduced to harsh vocals.

Psarakis actually attempted screaming for the first time at a karaoke bar in Greece with some friends just as a joke. With some encouragement from her friends, she then tried to record a cover of a song with extreme singing, and quickly came to understand that this was a challenging technique to properly pull off.

A lot of lessons were learned along the way as Psarakis worked on developing her own style, as well as how to maintain her voice onstage over the course of a tour and just pacing in general throughout the set.

Oh, and what episode of 'How I Learned to Scream' would be complete without a little candid chatter about cupping the microphone? It's the single most divisive topic within the extreme vocal community and Psarakis weighs in about the pros and cons.

Watch the full episode below and learn how Vicky Psarakis learned to scream.

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How I Learned to Scream — The Agonist's Vicky Psarakis

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