I have two very active little girls, not human, but very loving, and very,very vocal, especially when it comes to squirrels.  And I think the squirrels have figured out how to torment them, and us.


Our house has about 5 or 6 huge trees in the back yard, and at least 4 of them are right along the fence line.  Well, we have a squirrel, (at least one) that will taunt my pups by running along the fence line then up the tree and then just sit there.  Well, they lose their minds.  Every. Single. Time.

Now, you would think that these very smart dogs, one Yorkie and one Shih Tzu could figure that these squirrels are baiting them, but nope, they think it's a new squirrel everyday.  And they want him...bad. These dogs who can use their doggie door to go out for their business, just go nuts for a squirrel in a tree.  Yes, I see the irony of the nut pun.

I've heard that you can get thunder vests or blankets that help calm small animals down.  Has anyone had any luck with that? Mine are also deathly afraid of storms, and Fort Sill, and doors slamming, and fireworks.  You get the idea.  Maybe what I need to find is a doggie shrink.  And a little doggie couch, so they can ask Allie and Brooks if maybe Mommie and Daddy leave them alone for far too long during the day.  That answer would be yes.  And I hate it.  In fact, I think I'll just go watch them play with the squirrels now.

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