SW Oklahoma has so much to offer for visitors from all over the country.  But when you try to narrow down a list of Must See destinations, it becomes a little harder than you think.

I started by asking co-workers my question.  We got some great answers:

5 Things to See in Southwest Oklahoma

Oklahoma was never my idea of my forever home.  My dad was in the Army and when he retired in 1972, I was sure he would pick up the family and move us back to Georgia. Boy, was I wrong.  My dad loved the climate in Oklahoma and being an avid hunter and fisherman, he loved the idea that he could do one or the all other year long. Plus, he loved fixing things, and soon became an in demand mechanic in Lawton.

Once the kids (there are 5 of us) graduated from High School (Lawton High), we had already put down roots as well.  I remember once my Dad getting the idea that maybe he wanted to move back to Georgia, but by then, My Mom was a Grand Mother, and she wasn't leaving those babies behind.

Yes, we live in Tornado Alley, but knock on wood, in the 40+ years that I have lived here only once did a tornado touch down in Lawton.  That was back in 1979.  It hit about quitting time, and lots of people were leaving work.

Living in Oklahoma has been one of the greatest times of my life.  A job in radio that I love and a wedding to the best man I'll ever know in the not so distant future. Maybe I should invite the President to that?

What did we leave out?  Is there somewhere that the President MUST SEE in Southwest Oklahoma? Comment below or on Facebook with a photo and help us build a list for our POTUS!

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