Fair warning... There's a little NSFW language in the video above.

You think it would go without saying, but as our species grows older, we're slowly becoming more stupid on the average. People have this wild idea that animals are our friends. That's if you speak gently and chill, animals will also be gentle and chill... But that's not how it works. It's not how any of it works. Nature is brutal, and we're all just animals at heart.

Sure, in a perfect world you could save a venom slinging nope-rope in the middle of the road, and no harm would come to it... but we get a bad case of mental 'What If.' What if it gets run over? What if another predator spots it? What if it's too hot to be on that concrete? It's ridiculous. Does that mean you should run over this little guy? No. That'd be a terrible waste of a cornerstone creature... but that doesn't mean it's your responsibility to be the honorary crossing guard. Just straddle that bad boy between your tires or veer to one side or the other, and head on your way knowing you did what you should have done.

But you have a huge heart for all lives? Grow up.

You shouldn't aim to harm, but you also shouldn't aim to save. You should be a good human and stay nature neutral. Always leave nature the same way you found it. Unless you stumble across a place where losers and a-holes litter their power bar wrappers and plastic drink bottles, then please feel free to clean it up. I know it's not your trash, but being the better person pays off in your soul. Post that to your Insta-whatever for pretend internet points if that's your motivation. Trashtag it if you really need the validation of strangers, but more over, let those who are out there see you doing the good deed. It might catch on.

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