Thirty-seven million marriages may soon be going down the tubes.

Hackers have threatened to reveal the identities of people who belong to popular cheating website Ashley Madison, which boasts 37 million members.

While the site is mostly free (that's what we're told, we don't have any firsthand knowledge that's the case, we swear), there are some features that cost money and that's a big problem for any member with a wandering eye.

There's a feature in which people can pay to scrub your data, but the hackers say that doesn't work and if Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison, doesn't take the site down, it will release personal information.

That sound you hear? Men everywhere holding their breath.

The reason your phone may not be working? Men jammed the lines trying to reach a good divorce attorney.

That creepy apartment down the hall that's been vacant since you moved in? It's now been occupied by a husband who's taking action before his wife boots him out of the house.

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