Northern Chaos Gods, the forthcoming ninth studio effort from Norway's coldest black metal horde, Immortal, is also the band's first without iconic frontman Abbath. Now, the band's core duo of Demonaz and Horgh have released the second Northern Chaos Gods track, "Mighty Ravendark."

The title is a bit familiar as "Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)" is the closing track on the band's blazing 1997 record, Battles in the North, and "Mighty Ravendark" closes out Northern Chaos Gods. Elements from albums like At the Heart of Winter creep into the clean-tone introduction, setting up the plodding mid-tempo blizzard march that overtakes most of the nine-minute offering.

Look for the album out later this week (July 6) and for pre-orders, head to the Nuclear Blast webstoreNorthern Chaos Gods is comprised of eight songs and spans 42 minutes and was produced by Hypocrisy's Peter Tagtgren, who also played bass on the recording.

After a legal battle over the rights to the Immortal name, Abbath, who was one of the band's driving creative forces, was ousted. The frontman then launched a solo career, issuing his debut album in 2016. Demonaz and Horgh have maintained that some of the material on Abbath's eponymous record was intended for the follow-up to Immortal's 2009 effort, All Shall Fall.

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