We're getting closer to the first new Incubus album since 2011's If Not Now, When? and the band has dished out one hilarious music video for "Nimble Bastard" to tide fans over until the April 21 release date.

Before the song begins, fans are treated to an adorable little skit the sets up the narrative for the remainder of the video. A group of nefarious French bulldogs convene at a secret location to hatch their plan to kill Incubus, targeting the band's video shoot as the day of their attack. Dusting off the old trench coat trick, the dogs pile on top of each other in their best attempt to impersonate a human/

Once they infiltrate the video set, the dogs attempt to take out Incubus, cutting the rope that keeps an anvil suspended over singer Brandon Boyd's head, but it proves to be ineffective. Sneaking dynamite near other members, throwing ninja stars, planting bear traps and more all catch the band's attention and they huddle together to devise a defense strategy.

As the French bulldogs go airborne with the help of some jetpacks, they begin their aerial assault on Incubus. But by their powers combined, Incubus have some magic up their sleeves, summoning superhero cat powers from space. With chew toys in hand, the battle begins and the dogs can't help but submit to their urges and helplessly follow the toys into a cosmic void.

8 will be released on Island Records and pre-orders can be placed at Amazon or digitally through iTunes. The record was co-produced by Dave Sardy (Slayer, Helmet, Trouble) and Sonny Moore, best known as dubstep artist Skrillex.

Incubus will be on tour this summer with Jimmy Eat World on a lengthy North American trek and a list of all stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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