Let's just admit the internet exists for cats. Not scientific research. Cats. Fortunately for us, 13 of the internet's most famous cats are teaming up ... to raise money for charity. We know -- we were a little concerned it might be a "kill all the humans"-style takeover of Earth too. We're getting off easy this time -- all they want us to do is buy a deck of cards!

The website Amazecats has brought together cat celebrities such as Henri the Existential Cat, Luna the Fashion Kitty and Lil Bub to appear on a new deck of playing cards. This 52-card deck, appropriately titled 'Famous Cats of the Internet,' will be sold for $12 and will help the Stray Cat Animal Alliance in their quest for finding abandoned cats a good forever home.

The project started as a way for the feline celebrities and their humans to give back to their devoted fans plus help out fellow cats. After all, not every cat is lucky enough to have a forever home with a loving family, let alone a family that helps them to become an internet star!

For the cat lovers who are pawing at the screen and just have to have this deck of cards in their life, never fear! Amazecats has recently announced that they're taking pre-orders on their website, with the first shipment going out on January 28th, 2013. Here's to cute kitties bringing laughter to humans and a new life to their fellow felines!

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