We have nothing against long hair. All those lovely locks cascading softly over shoulders is just fine. Sighhhhh.

Huh? What? Sorry. We just fell into one of those half-daydreaming states where you’re thinking of something but staring at like your own feet or into the nostrils of a total stranger. Sorry. Back to the discussion.

Even though we love long hair, our new favorite Tumblr for the next couple minutes is (PREPARE FOR A BAD WORD) F**k Yeah Girls with Short Hair. Curated by San Francisco game design student Matthew RF Balousek (who has a pretty awesome Tumblr himself), it’s a compendium of submitted  and found photos of all kinds of girls who’ve gone for the chop: tough girls, cute girls, tattooed girls, pierced girls, movie stars, models – with nudity, too. That is our way of warning you that some photos might not be subtle for workplace perusing.

These women are gorgeous but not in a smarmy, over-glammed and fake way. They are attractive in a cool, refreshing, very real way. From a rainbow mohawked woman to the famous Janet Leigh, all the women embody the site’s motto: “Grow a pair, cut your hair!”

[Via F**k Yeah Girls With Long Hair]