First and foremost, let me say, this isn't about politics. I genuinely think Mayor Booker has responded to a worldwide crisis in a manner he felt worked in the best interest of safety here in Lawton. It's safe to say that nobody across the world was ready for it, and we all responded to it the best we could. I can't even imagine the stress Stan has endured over this. It's commendable, but how cool would it be to elect a dog as the next mayor? We'd make headlines across the country for something wholesome.

Here's the argument. The city council basically has all the legislative power. The council chooses their own mayor pro tem, who acts as the mayor in the absence of the elected mayor... So what's the point in having essentially, and I can't emphasize how rudimentary I mean this, two mayors?

The City of Lawton has recently talked about how this whole coronavirus event has already shorted their budgets by a few hundred thousand dollars, why not elect a dog that gets paid in pets and treats? We could add $30,000 a year back to the coffers. While it's not enough money to fix all the roads, it also isn't enough money to blindside the trusting public by buying any big abandoned properties either. It's a win win.

Full disclosure, I wanted to bring this up before the last mayoral election, but my incredibly kind of cool friend and neighbor was Stan Booker's campaign manager, so I opted to not cause a ruckus out of respect of being neighborly. But whether the idea had the support or not has lingered in my mind for so long, I have to ask you'd be down with it. Would you vote for a dog in the next mayoral election?

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