For millennia we've been told the story of the boy who cried wolf. In some versions it's done as a prank, in others he cries out to escape his shepherd responsibilities. In all versions the village sheep are eaten by the wolf, I was told the boy was too, but the lesson is always the same... Liars will not be believed even when telling the truth.

Wolverton Furniture has announced that they are selling all of their furniture and closing their doors for good this week, but nobody believes them. It's a hilarious side note to the story of a local Lawton business that is ending the world's longest going out of business sale.

It's similar to the electronics store in You Don't Mess With The Zohan aptly named Going Out Of Business - All Major Brands... "It's just a sign, good for business."

While most of us learn this through Aesop's Fables early in life, my parents always added "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..." It's the same sentiment.

If you haven't lived in Lawton long, Wolverton Furniture has been "going out of business" and having their "closing store sale" for a few decades now. They were closing in 2006 when I moved here. They were closing in the 80s when Critter moved here. They were closing in the 70s when KLAW's Jeri Anderson moved here. So why on earth would anyone believe it when they once again announce they're closing?

Well, they may have gone the long way around the barn, but it's official... Wolverton Furniture is actually closing. The building has been sold to a new owner and is set to be torn down soon.

Still not buying it? Here's some evidence to soothe your untrusting soul... Stallings Auction Service has been contracted to do their thing and sell off everything in the building this Saturday to the highest bidders. Nothing is off-limits, everything will go. There's so much inventory that Stallings even has to host two different auction rings at the same time.

Stallings Auction Facebook
Stallings Auction Facebook

While nobody may agree with Wolverton's chequered past of questionable marketing strategies, I don't think even they would go through the considerable effort and cost of hosting a public auction just to move furniture.

It may be hard to do, but it deserves the benefit of the doubt. With Mathis Brother's soon moving into a massive building to be built out west on Cache Road, it's only a matter of time before the smaller, local furniture stores feel the pressure of Mathis' huge buying power.

I did my due diligence in calling the few businesses attached to Wolverton's building, but couldn't get a response from anyone on the topic. Even so, I still believe Wolverton's time has finally come. More importantly, let the buzz begin about what is going to be built in its place.

The auction is this Saturday at 10 AM. If you'd like to see some of the stuff being offered to the highest bidder, click here to check out the photos on Stallings Facebook.

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