The fight for information concerning UFO's has seen its ups and downs over the years. One of the biggest wins was the US government and military admitting that UFO's do factually exist... but that doesn't mean the government says aliens are real.

It's all based in what a UFO is. It's an Unidentified Flying Object... er-go, it can't be alien unless it's identified as alien. That's what everyone seems to forget. Still, there's a veritable hoard of cash to be made in the sensationalizing of these things both online and in the media, and Oklahomans aren't waiting around to see if the trend passes. They're hopping straight in.

What you're looking at above is supposed to be a UFO over Carnegie, Oklahoma. Something tells me you could, with more web searching skills, probably find this exact same video with a different city or town name attached to it in most states across the nation... You know, stir a little publicity everywhere to anyone willing to believe it's real.

That may be a little unfair. Can I really call it "fake" just because I think it's fake? I mean, there is a body of water near Carnegie, but just because I can't figure out why there's that hint of blue to it doesn't mean it's fake, right? Maybe that's just how the camera is interpreting the traditionally green-tinted water of Fort Cobb.

What if it's just the camera background blur? Honestly, bust out a camera in little-to-no-light, the autofocus will search and search for something to settle on with clarity, but if there's nothing, this is what light looks like when it's out of focus. To me, it looks like a streetlight across a cove to be. Maybe it's even the light that is traditionally over the boat landing. With proper background blur, that could explain the different hues of the same source that seems to never move.

UFO's, come on. Do you really think an advanced species would willingly pop in to introduce themselves to us humans? Even if they had a universal flat space-tire, I think they'd just limp it on to the next service planet and hope for the best.

Tell me this isn't just a bokeh'd streetlight and I'll respect your incorrect opinion.

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