Islander are on their way back with new music, but they've pulled in a special guest to help them with their latest song. "Freedom" is a powerful track, giving a closer look at exactly what that word means, with Fire From the Gods' AJ Channer joining Islander's Mikey Carvajal in belting out the song. The band just released a red-hued lyric video for the track that can be seen below.

Carvajal says that although some may assume the song is fitting for America's current state, he doesn't view it as a political track. "I believe sometimes the things we call freedom enslave us. It’s easy to get caught up in our own vices or addictions," says the singer. "It’s important to constantly examine ourselves by asking, 'Is this something I have control over ... or are my own desires controlling me.' Someone once said, 'Freedom isn’t the freedom to do what we want - it’s the freedom to do what is right. That’s what I believe.'”

The track itself can be subjective for the listener allowing them to assign their own values to the song. Special guest AJ Channer chimes in, “These days the idea of freedom has been completely misconstrued and manipulated. I am especially happy to feature on this song because freedom in the political sense might be the debate now, but freedom in the spiritual sense is somewhere that we need to focus more of our energy. I believe that’s what we are saying with this song.”

Having covered R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It" earlier this year and now releasing "Freedom," Islander continue to work toward their next album. Look out for more music in the coming months. In the interim, you can pick up "Freedom" via the platform of your choosing right here.

Islander (Featuring Fire From the Gods' AJ Channer), "Freedom"

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