Z94 has been live on "Radio Row" here at Rocklahoma 2015 since Friday afternoon (05-22-15) and Mother Nature hasn't been kind, she's been a very moody bitch! It hasn't been all bad, we've seen some great artists despite the weather and delays. You can check out all our coverage here.

Last night (05-23-15) Anthrax was interrupted during their set on the main stage due to weather, but came back to finish up strong. Halestorm was the last artist to play then festival organizers had to cancel the remaining performances for the safety of everyone out here.

Critter vaping at Rocklahoma 2015

Luckily for us during all the delays and cancellations we occupied ourselves by trying out all kinds of premium e-juices from The Vapor Hut. They hooked us up LARGE with samples from the "Playlist" line along with "Space Wars" and several of signature Vapor Hut flavors. Plus batteries, tanks and everything we'd need to vape our brains out for hours and hours.

We've spent some quality time with these e-juices blowing HUGE fluffy clouds in the "Radio Row" studios, to the point that people in the other booths wondered where the fire was at! Not only that but the wonderful aroma these juices put out. Several times throughout the weekend people would run in and ask what it was we were vaping on.

Kelso vaping at Rocklahoma 2015

Some of my favorites so far include: R4D2, Sarlack's Supper and Java the Hut from the "Space Wars" line up. From the "Playlist" e-juices Melon Camp, Mr. Roboto and Mr. Brownstone are stand outs. We've had a great time trying them all out and pairing them with what we're eating and drinking. We've found so great combos.

Try 'em for yourself, stop by The Vapor Hut in Lawton located at 1910 E. Gore Blvd. in the East Gore Plaza or check 'em out online at www.thevaporhut.com VAPE ON!


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