You look around the local social media sources and you'll see, people are tired of social distancing. So tired in fact, arguments flare up in a tiff and all of a sudden, people start talking about protesting. It's kind of depressing. We're so bored as a people, we're turning on each other.

Key phrase... Perception becomes reality. We see people demonstrating and protesting in public online and assume that's what is going on. In all reality, there's so little going on, that's why these protests are just about the only thing you're seeing online. There's nothing else to share right now. One protest leads to another, preppers that could "survive alone for years" all of a sudden has a desperate need for a hair cut six weeks into a worldwide event, and the Karen's of the world see a chance to feel alive again in the form of unnecessary confrontation. It's getting deep.

What people don't seem to realize is this... Social distancing, quarantine, isolation, etc... isn't what is going on in America right now. This is going on around the world. Every country is sharing in this experience in an attempt to keep a nasty disease from becoming the monster experts have warned in the past it could potentially be.

Some how, some Americans have it in their head that people are sitting in cafes across Europe laughing at us. That's not the case. They're living in their homes too. They've been doing it far longer than us, are they raging against a completely fabricated machine? This is not some wild bid to establish a new world order. This is not the side effects of 5G communications. This isn't how the Liberals are going to establish socialism, and it sure isn't how Conservatives are going to establish fascism.

It's only days away, the announcement that these protesters have suddenly gotten a dose of reality in the form of coronavirus. Then they'll be genuine about how people need to stay home. Because that's a narcissists nature right? It doesn't exist if it doesn't affect them?

Sure, we're all waiting on science to make the breakthrough on this, but there's no time-table that can accurately predict treatment or cures being developed. That's why the world has adopted social distancing. It's the measure than ended the last global pandemic. Humans didn't just all of a sudden become immune to Spanish Flu, we starved that virus of hosts and it died off. So the longer people ignore social distancing, the longer we'll have to social distance. How is this a hard concept to get?

Trust me. I get it. I'm bored too. But instead of strapping on my official boogaloo suit, I chose to create something new in my garage. I painted my living room. I'm building a new entertainment center that will consume an entire wall. Did I want to? I've sure talked about it, but I've never had the time to do it until now. It's time to stop spending your time tearing down what little social construct we have and do your own thing. Since you've realized that these celebrities on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TicTok aren't actually interesting, it's now time, for once, to entertain yourself at home.

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