I can remember walking through our Lawton Sam's Club in late July thinking to myself "It might be a little early to be putting out Halloween candy..." but seeing as it's the one holiday that gets the least respect in most sales outlets, it was acceptable. That being said, seeing the Christmas stuff the moment we walked in earlier in September, it's definitely too early to start with that holiday.

First off, October in and of itself should be one big thirty-one-day holiday. It's Spooktober for crying out loud. A month-long celebration that culminates in one night of epic terror, cute kids trick-or-treating, pranks for the wandering teens, and jump scares on the tv. It's the night of nights throughout the year. Why isn't it getting the respect it should have.

Second, things don't start to have that festive end-of-the-year holiday vibe until it gets cold. I know plenty of people along the Coastal Bend of Texas that would disagree, but they're the same people that wear parkas when the temps max out in the upper-60's. I know this because I was the same way when I lived in Corpus Christi. It's a way different kind of cold down that way. It's as if the mid-50's might as well be the mid-30's. All the same, it's not like that here in Lawton.

Even though most of December happens in the fall, Christmas is a winter holiday. If it's still warm enough to mow grass, there's no reason to be encouraging people to focus on that one day. It's already the biggest holiday of the year, no sense in pushing it further.

Third, October still isn't getting any respect. It's just the month that people start drinking pumpkin spice everything and dressing with their boots over their jeans as if they were Han Solo or cowboys. (actual cowboys, not the pathetic football team)

I will admit, Sam's isn't as bad as some of the other Oklahoma businesses. The moment Independence Day is over, the Christmas stuff comes out and to the forefront of the seasonal corner at every Hobby Lobby in the country. While that's beyond early, they kind of get a pass being a craft store. Sam's Club has sacrificed an entire aisle that could otherwise be epic and affordable premium Halloween costumes.

Where do you stand on this? When is it acceptable to start putting out the Christmas decor? Wouldn't you at least wait until after Thanksgiving if your wife gave you that choice?

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