Heartbreaking news has been released following the Friday, May 31st Riding on Faith Rodeo Summer series. 22-year-old rider, Peter De Luna, passed away after being stepped on by bull.

De Luna had only been bull-riding for a year before the incident, starting his career in May of 2023. His mother said that he was "charasmatic" and "very outgoing and adventerous." He was known for making everyone else's lives a little brighter with his extroverted personality.

Canva/Screenshot of KSAT Interview
Canva/Screenshot of KSAT Interview

Unfortunately she and his family are mourning his loss but are still continuing to support the rodeo community that has made an enormous effort to support them.

"They're doing dedications for him, and it goes without saying. I can't even begin to tell every single one of them thank you."

-Vanessa De Luna

Bull riding has always been known to be a dangerous sport, even being compared to professional football, according to MPJ Law Firm. According to the firm, "at least 21 riders have died since 1989" - this number does not include amateur riders.

Canva/Lane Frost Brand Facebook/Screenshot of Extreme Acts of Bravery/Sean Gleason Facebook
Canva/Lane Frost Brand Facebook/Screenshot of Extreme Acts of Bravery/Sean Gleason Facebook

Iconic riders like Lane Frost, Brent Thurman, and Mason Lowe loved the sport until their last days. They, just like any rider climbing on a bull, know the risks that come with the sport. Just like professional bull rider Dane Doggett said in an interview with Fort Worth Texas News: "Whatever happens, happens." So, why do they do it?

For the thrill, for the adrenaline and for the toughness it brings out in them is the short answer. Some of us could say that you could get the same feelings from roping, or steer wrestling, or any other much less dangerous rodeo-related sport, but it would fall on deaf ears. Almost every bull rider would say that the feeling is like no other and I guess we'll just have to take their word for it.

When you see the bull riders at your local rodeos this year, make sure you give them an extra cheer and tip of your hat for the bravery it takes to do what they do.

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