We are days away from the biggest holiday of the year for cannabis users and if you're looking for the perfect 4/20 munchies, this Whataburger/Krispy Kreme mashup might be right up your alley.

TikTok user @arimarieruiz claims in the video that she was absolutely starving and said that "only one thing on this planet is going to satisfy my hunger" before she puts together what just might be the naughtiest meal of all time.

Check it out below:

I've written a TON of articles about Whataburger hacks and this is the first time I've ever featured a mashup. What better way is there to celebrate the devil's lettuce this smoker's holiday than by pairing these deviant foods?

Lord, have mercy.

The comments below the video gave me a laugh. Here are some of my favorites:

"I'll marry u"

"Now this is wild"


"The most satisfying donut squoosh"

"I fully support your decision"

"Never done this before but contemplating it lol"

"That honestly sounds good asf and I'm pregnant"

"America in a nutshell"

Of course, I know this isn't the first time people have used donuts for buns. I've had a similar burger at Gourdoughs in Austin. It's not exactly my style, but I'm not here to judge! Plus, anything Whataburger is always straight fire, to me.

Do you have a favorite fast-food mashup? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below this article on our Facebook page if you think you might have to try this out on 4/20.

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