Texas has a reputation for having some of the nicest, most hospitable people around. No matter what you've heard, Texans for the most part are kind. It makes sense then that the college that produces the most "professional" pro-NBA players would be found in Texas. Any guess which one it is?

Which Texas College Produces The Most Professional Pro NBA Players?

A recent study conducted by FlashPicks sought to find out which colleges in the country produce the NBA players who are the most professional. To put it simply, they wanted to find out which colleges produce players that play by the rules the most. They looked at data from the last 10 years for their study. The top college in the country for producing "professional" pro-basketball players is found in Texas.

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The Houston Cougars are the program that produces the most rule-abiding players, according to the study. They have the most players in the NBA that have received no fines, suspensions, or ejections. Houston has sent 11 players to the NBA, and they're all very well-behaved.

Other Texas Colleges Have Produced Less Well-Behaved Pro Athletes

Other Texas colleges on the list did not do anywhere near as well as the Houston Cougars. If you're more of a hell-raiser on the court, you might fit in better at one of these places.

Texas A&M came in fifth overall. Their NBA-level talent has suffered just six ejections. The Texas Longhorns have found themselves ranked as the third worst. The Longhorns have produced superstar talent, and have also gathered up around $410,000 worth of fines.

At least a Texas college wasn't ranked the worst. That honor is reserved for the Kentucky Wildcats. Their players went on to rack up around $725,000 worth of fines, 58 ejections, and a total of 48 games missed due to suspensions.

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