Meteorologists say that a tornado like this has a 1% chance of happening.

Another Wild Week of Tornadoes in the Alley

Living in this part of the United States, hearing about a tornado during this time of the year is nothing new. However, meteorologists got to see one of the rarest tornadoes that could possibly happen in the United States and it happened on Tuesday in Loveland, Oklahoma.

Ever Heard of an Anticyclonic Tornado?

This week, meteorologists got to witness a tornado that happens in the southern hemisphere of the world. Typically in America, our tornadoes spin counter-clockwise. In countries in southern hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. A tornado there will spin clockwise. For some reason on Tuesday in Oklahoma, a tornado was spinning in the opposite direction.

This Rare Tornado Was Extremely Dangerous

When you picture a tornado in your head. You imagine that funnel moving across the ground. This tornado in Loveland, Oklahoma was almost stationary. Imagine a giant drain in sky just sucking up anything it wants and barely moving.

Thankfully, no one has reported injuries or deaths from this destructive tornado on Tuesday in Loveland. It dropped in a very remote part of town. Fox Weather reports it was on the ground for about five miles and had a width of 1,200 yards. Although no one really knows why a tornado would reverse in the opposite direction, the common theory is that a really strong jet stream occurs forcing the tornado to do this. We will have to wait and see when more comes out from this tornado. Many meteorologists say this is the first one they had ever seen.

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