Imagine driving down the road on your usual commute in Dallas, Texas, when suddenly you come huge piles of cash in the middle of the road.

What would you do?

After coming across what looks like two bank crates full of cash, locals on Irving Blvd were left stunned. It appears that something went wrong with the truck transporting the cash, causing them to end up in the middle of the road.

The cash is accompanied by an armed woman who seems rather perplexed on how to solve the issue at hand.

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Of course, the comments on the video of the event posted to X, are full of people suggesting they could easily run up and grab the cash, making a run for it. However, it doesn’t seem like that was a plausible idea, nor a smart one.

@dallastexastv via X
@dallastexastv via X

How does that even happen?

I am assuming the door of the truck broke, leading to the boxes on wheels to easily make their way out the back and onto the road.

My problem is that it seems like way too big of a problem for that much money to casually make its way out of what I assume is meant to be a secure form of transport. There were likely big talks after the fact to figure out a better way to move such large amounts of money without losing any of it.

The mystery shall remain...

Even after searching about this incident, I couldn’t come up with any solid leads as to what exactly happened and how the problem was resolved. All we have are the videos onlookers took as they were shocked by what they saw.

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