Jails are scattered all across the country and state. But what are the most dangerous? This is the jail you don't want to be in Texas.

Hays County has the highest rate of use of force incidents of any jail in the state, a new report published by the Houston Chronicle revealed.

Hays County Jail has an average of 78.3 uses of force incidents per 1,000 inmates. Wichita County Jail, which has the second highest use of force rate, only has a rate of 61.1 incidents per 1,000 inmates.

Alexandra Kanik Source: Texas Commission on Jail Standards via Texas Justice Initiative
Alexandra Kanik Source: Texas Commission on Jail Standards via Texas Justice Initiative



According to the Hays County Jail Dashboard, as of Aug. 27, 73.5% of the inmates in Hays County Jail are still awaiting trial.

This means many of the inmates in Hays County Jail, who are experiencing these “use of force incidents” from correctional officers are yet to be convicted of crimes.

According to Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra, when complaints are lodged against the Hays County Jail, they are investigated by three different groups: the sheriff’s department, the county judge and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

Other findings:

  • Bexar County’s jail in San Antonio has an inmate suicide problem — again.
  • Cameron, Lubbock and Bell counties have a suicide-attempt problem among their prisoners.
  • An inmate was more likely to die in Smith County’s jail last year than in any other facility. The odds weren’t much better in El Paso’s jail.

Texas Has Two Of The Worst Prisons In America

According to a new study by Money Inc., Texas has two different prisons on the list of Worst Prisons in the country. One is a "County Jail" way out in the West Texas desert and the other is Deep East Texas where the worst of the worst offenders are kept locked down.

The Second Worst Prison In Texas Is Reeves County Detention Center - Pecos, TX

Reeves DC is a private prison that at one time housed approximately 3,750 prisoners. Most of those detained in the complex have committed nonviolent crimes, including entering the country without the proper permission and documentation. Two of the biggest issues there are overcrowding and understaffing and in 2021, two of the three prison units were closed down because they weren’t meeting standards set out by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The Worst Prison In Texas Is Allan B. Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas

The Alan B. Polunsky Unit is considered the hardest place to serve time in Texas, and it's considered the 2nd worst prison overall in America. Most of Texas' Death Row inmates are here serving time until their final day arrives to be executed. Inmates here spend 22 hours a day in single cells, with no television or visitors.

These Dangerous Men Are The Most Wanted Sex Offenders In Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety keeps a list of the state's 10 Most Wanted Sex Offenders. Three of the top 10 most wanted have been captured. Seven of the top 10 are still walking the streets and pose a danger to the community. According to Texas DPS, these men should be considered armed and dangerous. For more information click here.

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