When it comes to your favorite places to eat, how many would you consider trustworthy? A study from Clarify Capital has sought to answer that question along with others. Not surprisingly, most Americans like to eat and do business with companies that they trust.

So what exactly makes a business trustworthy? According to Clarify Capital, "Delivers on promises", and "Asks for honest reviews and feedback" tied at 36% for top spot in answer to that question. "Pricing Transparency" came in 3rd at 35%, followed by "Builds relationships with consumers" at 34%, and "Consistent Performance" at 33%. If you were to ask me, being consistent with the product and service would be my number one demand.

That's especially true when it comes to restaurants. In order to survive restaurants have to balance great prices but also deliver on being consistent. One bad meal could turn a customer away for a long time. And since we have a ton of options in Texas for food, it's a business that can often fail.

This Is The Least Trusted Restaurant Chain In The United States

According to Clarify Capital, Panera Bread was found to be the least trusted restaurant chain in America. That is pretty surprising to me given just how big the company is and how they continue to grow. 20% of respondents listed Panera Bread as the least trusted restaurant.

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But that doesn't seem to be slowing down Panera Bread. Texas alone has 114 locations of Panera Bread. My wife is a big fan of Panera Bread and I've never really run into anyone who just hates them. Sure, there are people who aren't fans. Just like there are some people who won't eat at McDonald's even though according to this survey, McDonald's ranks as the third MOST trusted restaurant in America.

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You can read more about Clarify Capital's most and least trusted businesses here.

If you are a fan of Panera Bread or maybe someone who likes it but hasn't been in a while, they just redid their menu calling it the "biggest menu transformation in brand history", according to an announcement.

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