An unattended child put a character performer in danger after they ran into them.

A TikTok video from Walt Disney World Resort's Hollywood Studios theme park of Woody the Cowboy from the Toy Story series has gone viral. The clip left thousands of people questioning where a child's parent or guardian was when they decided to run into Woody. The incident took place inside Toy Story Land, where attractions, restaurants and characters from the beloved franchise meet. During one of the cavalcades (a shorter parade), with the Green Army Men were playing their drums followed by Jesse and Woody, an unattended child ran into their pathway.

The boy sped into Woody's legs, which made Woody trip and the boy fall on his back and drop his water bottle. During the scary moment, the character attendant behind Woody was reaching for the boy but wasn't able to make it in time after he lunged for the cowboy. Meanwhile, Woody was able to stop himself after tripping and didn't fall to the ground. The character attendant and another cast member quickly helped the boy to his feet with guests watching in shock behind them. The boy's guardians were nowhere in sight during the first video.

In a second clip posted to TikTok, the other view showed the aftermath after the trip and fall. Woody quickly stopped after his trip and made sure the boy got up okay and gave a thumbs up asking the cast member if the child was alright. After that he looked back and forth several times to make sure that nobody else would run unexpectedly to him and then he began to walk in a tip toe fashion and gave the thumbs up sign to other cast members nearby.

The comment sections of the videos all supported the character performer, who handled the situation flawlessly and was thankfully, uninjured. The clips left everyone wondering, where the person in charge of the boy was and why they didn't come to his aid immediately after his fall.

"He had a snake in his boot," one commenter joked, in reference to the character's iconic line in the film franchise. "Woody got balancing skills cause I would had been eating the floor [with] the kid," another praised.

"This is why I’ll never shame parents who use leashes. Some goblins just need them and that’s okay," one person noted. One parent used this as a teaching lesson, writing, "Literally grabbed his legs… can’t wait to show this to my kid and say- if you do this we’re done…"

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