Guests riding near EPCOT on the Walt Disney World monorail system were evacuated from the train Tuesday (Oct. 31) after hearing a "loud bang explosion" sound and coming to a sudden stop.

According to Fox 35, Reedy Creek Fire Department emergency crews were dispatched after a monorail train became stuck on the track and suddenly rolled to an unexpected halt due to a popped tire, resulting in a loud, explosion-like sound heard by passengers on board.

Representatives for Disney World confirmed the flat tire in a statement to the press earlier today.

"There was a loud bang explosion, and then we kind of saw a big flash of light. After that, the monorail slowed down," passenger Kris Lenk told Fox 35 of his experience on the monorail.

"They told us to pretty much bust open the windows, unfortunately, because the AC wasn't working, so not sure if the whole monorail just decided to shut off after that loud bang and everything. But, you know, it was kind of nice to finally get out of there," he added.

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The Reedy Creek Fire Department of Florida rescued 71 passengers — an evacuation which took approximately one hour and 20 minutes as rescuers used a cherry picker to reach the tall monorail track.

No guests or Cast Members were injured during the monorail stop, according to representatives for Disney World.

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