I'm sure you've heard of this program from the United States Postal Service. Okay, maybe that's pushing it for the younger generation that isn't really into snail mail at all but it's still back, and would love your help.

USPS Operation Santa is a 111-year-old program helping wishes come true. It's so simple, too, bringing that Christmas magic alive for little kids. You just adopt a child's letter that was sent to Santa via the United States Post Office's Operation Santa according to its website, and help make that child's wish come true, via Santa of course who is the true hero delivering the gifts.

Here's How To Get Involved

  • Create an account and get verified, then read the letters and adopt one you love
  • Find the perfect gift and ship it from a participating Post Office™ location
  • Your package will arrive straight from Santa himself to the child
  • Mail packages before December 18 so they’re delivered by Christmas

You can also adopt an entire family as it's not always children sending these letters. And don't worry, according to the USPS Operation Santa team, these letters are intensely vetted. The letters are here if you want to start reading now.

Monday, December 18 is the final day you can adopt a letter or letters however that could even be pushing it if you want your gift, I mean Santa's gift or gifts, to get to the children or family by Christmas day on Monday, December 25.

United States Postal Service Operation Santa
United States Postal Service Operation Santa

If you want to have your child or family send a letter to be part of the program then click here for all the info you need to have your child's Christmas wish come true. Your letters must be postmarked by December 11.

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