A woman on Reddit is refusing to go to her in-laws' house for Christmas after they dragged her name "through the mud."

"His parents have never liked me and I’ve been patient about it, but I admit it’s hard not to hold onto their hurtful words. They’ve called me white trash (my mom and uncles have had addictions), that I just moved to get away from my home life, etc. It’s hard to describe his parents. They’re Christian and 'nice,' but the feeling of condemnation you feel when with them is hard to miss," she wrote on Reddit.

"The first year we were together his mom sat me down and said she wasn’t sure I was right for her son because I didn’t grow up with a dad (he got hit by a car days after I was born). Aside from that conversation they have never come to me and voiced their feelings. They tell everyone else or my husband," she continued.

Even though it's always been "so uncomfortable" to go to her husband's parents' house, he "wants them in his life," so they usually go once a month and have always gone over for Christmas Eve. However, her sisters-in-law recently started a rumor that the woman was having a "torrid affair" with her male childhood best friend.

"He’s like another brother, and I’ve never cheated on anyone, but it didn’t stop his younger sisters from gossiping with everyone I know," she shared, adding it caused her "so much stress and depression" that she told her husband she needed some time away from his family.

So, when he mentioned they should go visit his parents, she thought he was joking and told him she was absolutely "not going and while I would miss him he’s welcome to go spend Christmas Eve with them."

"He called me selfish and said that if I’m a good Christian I need to not hold grudges, and I said it's beyond that. He said if I was serious about not going then it would be a big problem for him since he lets my family live with us," she concluded.

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In the comments, users rallied behind the woman and slammed her husband for not backing her up.

"I don't see why it is a problem for him to go to his parents' [house] alone. Was he threatening to throw out your mom and grandma? The 'it would be a big problem for him since he lets my family live with us' comment makes me think it was a thinly veiled threat," one person wrote.

"That 'great guy' called you selfish and is trying to tell you how to be a good Christian, while his extended family is a poor example of that. YOU ARE ALSO HIS FAMILY!" another commented.

"If his parents and siblings are good Christians, they should be familiar with Matthew 18:15, in which Jesus tells his followers that they should not gossip behind others' backs but bring their grievances and concerns directly to the person concerned," someone else commented.

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