AC/DC this week launched a mysterious countdown timer on their official website and social media outposts. The countdown clock appears scheduled to hit zero this upcoming Monday (Feb. 12) at 3AM ET/midnight PT, leaving AC/DC fans to guess what's coming.

"ARE YOU READY" the teaser asks as AC/DC's 1991 single "Are You Ready" plays. The song hails from the band's twelfth studio album from 1990, The Razors Edge.

What are AC/DC planning? Several have already guessed, based on rumors repeated on Reddit, that the countdown's termination will reveal a major tour announcement.

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Understandably, that's an exciting possibility, since the iconic Australian rockers have only played live once in the last seven-plus years — at October 2023's Power Trip festival in California. Their last major tour before that was 2015–16's "Rock or Bust World Tour."

AC/DC Countdown 2024

Currently, on AC/DC's website, an image with the "ARE YOU READY" exhortation is accompanied by the countdown timer and an invitation for fans to sign up for updates.

Countdown on AC/DC Official Website

A screenshot from AC/DC's official website taken on Feb. 7, 2024.

On social media sites such as X (formerly Twitter), the band seem to be doling out the tease day by day. On Monday (Feb. 6), AC/DC posted a clip that starts with an image of AC/DC's iconic lightning bolt logo; it then gives way to the bold "ARE YOU READY" text.

The following day (Feb. 7), a similar vid appeared on AC/DC's social media, this time with the number five replacing the previous text. AC/DC fans can only presume the next four days will find the countdown ticked off in remaining digits until they reach its end.

AC/DC Teaser Post - Feb. 6

And with the countdown evidently ending on Monday, it would seem it's unrelated to this Sunday's Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, although Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo was pushing for AC/DC to appear at 2024's big game at a press conference last year.

Also, rumors abound that AC/DC's lineup will be slightly altered when they next hit the road. According to rock industry insider and podcast host Dean Delray, AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams is not expected to be part of any immediately upcoming tour dates.

AC/DC Countdown Post - Feb. 7

Are you prepared for what AC/DC have coming next week? Do you think you know what the band's announcement will be?

Or, as AC/DC lead vocalist Brian Johnson asks in the original song, "Are you ready for a good time? / Then get ready for the night line."

AC/DC, "Are You Ready" (Music Video, 1991)

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